Parent Information

Kia Ora. Welcome to Inspiring Minds.


Thank you for choosing Inspiring Minds as your child’s early education and care centre. The teachers, staff and management welcome your family. Over the course of your time with us we will build strong relationships that inspire friendship, partnership and develop a sense of community. We will develop a ‘home away from home’ feeling for your family by creating a small, intimate environment.

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7.30am-5.30pm. Monday-Friday




Full Day
(10 hours per day)
Short Day
Infants (0-18 mths) $47 $44
Toddlers (18 mths-3yrs) $45 $42

Toddlers are children who are have moved into the Toddler room.


Families who are eligible for the 20 free hours will pay $6.50 per hour after their 20 hours per week have been used (6 hours max per day).


Children aged 3, 4, or 5 years who do not use the 20 free hours per week will pay $6.50 per hour per day.


There is a minimum of 6 enrolled hours per day and a minimum of 2 enrolled days per week.


Fees are paid 50 weeks per year regardless of sickness or holidays, including statutory holidays.




Childcare Subsidy

Work and Income New Zealand operates a subsidy for parents to assist with the payment of fees. This subsidy is income tested. Please contact Work and Income for eligibility and forms.




Children will require two or three changes of named clothing throughout the day and because their play is their work their clothing will get dirty.


During the summer months your child will require named sunblock and a hat that can stay at the centre. It will be helpful if you sunblock your child before arriving in the morning. Teachers will reapply sunblock throughout the day. In winter children will still be able to go outside as long as they are dressed appropriately. i.e. gumboots and jackets, raincoats.



Settling In

Parents will be welcome any time throughout the day as there is an open door policy in place. We want you to develop a sense of belonging. We welcome ideas and wish to work together to foster positive outcomes for all.


It is going to take time for your child to settle into a new environment and we want to make this as easy as possible for you both. Parents are welcome to stay until they feel comfortable about leaving. Your child may have a special cuddly or toy that will make this transition time easier. There are no rules for settling. Every child and their family/whanau are different but teachers are very experienced in assisting with separation. All children will have a teacher nearby for comfort. We have a settling in policy that you can read here.

Download settling in policy



Inspiring minds will provide nutritious morning and afternoon tea. Children will need to bring their own lunch boxes. Please ensure children have healthy food in their lunch boxes. Fruit platters for morning tea are preferred and children are encouraged to donate a piece of fruit so that we have a varied supply.




Te Whariki is the national early childhood curriculum that guides the practice at Inspiring Minds. Our philosophy is influenced by the practices of Reggio Emilia in Italy whereby the social –emotional environment is intricately related to what the Italians call “the image” of the child, teacher, parents, and the teaching and learning process. We acknowledge that the child comes to us with a vast amount of prior knowledge and it is our job to foster and extend on that knowledge through encounters, communication and relationships. The children of Inspiring Minds will be empowered to learn by passionate, dedicated, caring teachers.



Teachers Qualifications

Kaye Dawson: Certificate of Equivalence to the Diploma of Teaching (ECE)
Justine Dawson: Diploma of Teaching (ECE)
Meisha Carere-Semb: Diploma of Teaching (ECE)
Antonia Ward: Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Amy Gardner-Richardson: Teacher

Devon Stone: Teacher

Toni Dawson: Diploma of Teaching (ECE)
Jessie Mortensen: Diploma of Teaching (ECE)
Claudia Elizabeth Barthlen: Diploma of Teaching (ECE), Bachelor of Education in Special Education

Hallie Osborne: Support Teacher

Jaclyn Dawson: Manager

Thank you for choosing Inspiring Minds. We look forward to working with you and your family.


Download Parent Information booklet