"I can't recommend Inspiring Minds enough, this has been such a loving, nurturing second home for my babies. The teachers and philosophies are kind, creative and respectful and I am 100% confident to leave my next wee babe there too. Our family has made some life long friends through Inspiring Minds and it will always have a special place in our hearts."

Jess & Paul


"Inspiring Minds is Whanau.

Each and every child is treated with the kindness and respect they deserve and their individual needs taken into consideration and met. Flexible daily routine to assist in the ease of the days flow and the children are free to be themselves and allowed the opportunity to build meaning relationships with peers and teachers with open and honest communication. Inspiring Minds will always be a recommendation of mine as long and Kaye and her Team continue to guide our children through their early childhood years. X"

Jess & Dave


"I have had two children enrolled at Inspiring Minds and I couldn’t praise them high enough. My eldest started school last year and was well prepared and confident for the transition after her years at inspiring minds. They offer a creative and caring environment and establish fantastic relationships between staff, parents and children."

Aimee & Brendon


"To us, Inspiring Minds isn’t just an early education and care centre; it is truly a place in our hearts and in our Whanau. What has been most impressive to us are the special and genuine relationships that are built between the staff, our child and ourselves as parents. We also love and appreciate that the team really practices what their philosophies say. The partnership in raising our child with Inspiring Minds has been amazing. Not only has our child been learning and growing, but we as parents have as well. We feel so blessed to have found this little treasure that is investing into our family’s life. If you want to experience something extraordinary and very special throughout your child’s early year’s development, then we would definitely recommend Inspiring Minds."

Bethnie & Luke


"So, about 6 years ago we were worried about at teacher at our current day care moving to teach at Inspiring Minds. It was a monumental decision for us to move Jojo and his little brother and one which we agonised over for weeks. But when Joseph's behaviour continued to deteriorate, we made the call to shift the boys. In retrospect it was one of the best decisions we have ever made when it comes to our kids. Within days Joseph and Kaye had clicked and Jojo was a different kid - back to the joyful exuberant child he really was. Tommy meanwhile instantly fell in love with Kate and with Meisha (and Lia) there as well he settled immediately.

Over the past 4 years we have watched Inspiring Minds grow and change but still remain, we believe, the best day care centre in Kerikeri. The teachers are passionate about what they do and the children just seem to thrive in the amazing environment created for them. Even tho some days like all mums I struggled to leave my babies, I have always believed that Inspiring Minds was like an extension of my home (except I think you guys have more patience than us!)

So now it is time for us to say goodbye to this chapter in our lives as our youngest starts school. The photos below are the first and last from Tommy's portfolio and show how much he has grown and changed in his time with you.

Thank you to you all for your love and kindness and help in growing our babies to the next stage of their journey. You have all been instrumental in developing them - their sense of camaraderie, their inquisitiveness and their thirst for learning all about the world.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you"

Sarah, Todd, Charlie, Joseph and Thomas xxxxx


"Yesterday was two whole years since our daughter first started her amazing journey through her preschool years with her 'second' family. Her lovely, amazing and loving Inspiring Minds family. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you gorgeous ladies who go to work everyday not just to earn your well deserved money but to love, treasure, nurture and teach our children. She has an amazing relationship with you all and will always hold a place for you in her heart. I look forward to seeing how she develops in the next years that she will get to spend with you. You have helped make a tough decision so so much easier. Thank you Justine, Toni, Meisha, Kaye, Claudia, Jaclyn and Brittany."



"All three of my children have attended Inspiring Minds. My oldest two have been there from the day they opened until they went to school. When it came to putting my baby, who was only three months old, into care I had no hesitation in entrusting his care to the fabulous staff at Inspiring Minds. They have a loving, family-friendly atmosphere and really focus on the individual needs of each child. I know that my children have all been nurtured and loved at the centre. They have really blossomed and become confident children."



"My son started in the infant room with Justine three years ago, he has since moved through the toddler room and the three & four year old room with Kaye and is now at school. My daughter is now in the three and four year old room with Kaye.

They are both very different personalities but they have been encouraged every day to express themselves and develop in their own time. They learn amazing problem solving skills, math skills, just everyday skills! They have built great relationships with their carers, they feel like family to us.

As a parent my concerns and feelings are always taken into consideration and openly received. If you visit the centre you will see the wonderful interactions between the teachers and the children in the infant room, especially the communication developed between everyone. I highly recommend!"



"Dear Kaye & Team

Thank you so very much for all your wonderful teaching with my son during his time at Inspiring Minds.

I know he has loved coming every week and with your teaching and support his confidence grows every week.

Your lovely interactions with my son have been wonderful to watch and hear about.  And I appreciate all the support you have shown me as a new parent.  Amazing teachers!!

You all inspire me!"



"We chose Inspiring Minds for their open space to play and explore, the teaching philosophies and practices that they follow, and most importantly, the amazing staff who nurture our children."

Natalie & Kurt